There is Hope

A memorial In loving memory


There is hope in life for all those who grieve because Jesus Christ has born our griefs and carried our sorrows and we can find sure healing in Him. It may take time for our grief to go but as we hand over that grief to Jesus, we will slowly but surely find real healing in Him.

We may well forever miss them but good memories of them will become our hope and stay.

Jesus says I Love you for I know what it was like to die on the cross, and to take the sins of the world upon Me.

October 18, 2016

I know that Grieving can be a long process for many and it is a good thing to be able to cry. Yet there comes a time when we must focus on those that are alive and well may need our help.


You will find that i have put in the memorial message about Chucky Lee a very special dog who had to be left behind in the USA by his owners, but spent his last days helping people in a nursing home. So yes we can get over grieving and start to laugh again and be blessings to others.

This was said about a certain lady

Praise God, her soul was ready. Is YOURS?